Jerald is a talented mediator who immediately makes people feel comfortable and willing to resolve problems in a respectful and productive manner. His insight allows productive resolution.

Elliot Heidelberger

, Senior Counsel to the law firm of Sullivan-Taylor and Gumina

I have known Jerry Kessler as a colleague for over 20 years and know him as a professional of the highest integrity. Jerry is an exceptionally skilled mediator who is thoughtful and deliberate in his craft. His deep knowledge of mediation and amiable demeanor make it a pleasure for me to work with Jerry in teaching mediation in various educational settings.

Ralla Klepak


Mediation provided a viable option to allow my ex-husband and me to discuss matters regarding the educational oversight of our children on multiple occasions. Aside from the obvious economic benefit it also created a less volatile option of going through the court system that would present an appearance of putting one against the other allowing. Mediation fostered a forced but stable and tolerable co-parenting relationship when it was not present of our own volition. We were amicable throughout the process allowing all parties to maintain a level of dignity, develop or strengthen positive co-parenting skills that untimely lead to a more productive and positive family experience.
Mr. Kessler was kind, respectful, a great communicator, easy to talk to and provided unbiased advice that really helped gain perspective that aided in finding common ground.
I would recommend Mr. Kessler for any couple in a similar situation.

Perri E. Mayes

Former president, Association for Conflict Resolution Director, Mediation Program, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison

I hired Jerald Kessler to help manage my mediation for my divorce in 2010. Jerry was fair and impartial during our meetings, as well as kind and compassionate during a difficult time. He has a wonderful sense of listening to both sides to figure out the best solution for a very emotional situation.
I highly recommend going through mediation during a divorce and I was extremely pleased to have Jerry helping us with tough decisions on money, child care, and forecasting our new lives once we were officially divorced.
Lastly, it has been several years since Jerry and I have talked, but I recently contacted Jerry for some advice and he responded immediately. He is someone that will continue to care about his clients, which means a lot in this day and age.

Chris C.

Former Client

Jerry was a great mediator on our matter. Even when tensions are high, he was able to keep a calm and productive discussion going. He listened and offered creative, helpful suggestions to get us to realize that we could make these decisions on our own, for our sake of our children.

Mary F.

Former Client