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Professional Mediator in Libertyville, IL

Jerald Kessler Serves Lake And Cook Counties Call (847) 367-4500 To Find A Solution To Your Challenging Situation.



Jerald A. Kessler

Lawyer in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL

Discover the advantages of mediation in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL

Are you in need of a divorce mediator in Chicago, Northfield, and Libertyville, IL? Jerald A. Kessler is a skilled mediator based in Illinois who assists his clients in achieving a harmonious resolution to their urgent matters. Jerry employs his expertise in communication, negotiation, and legal knowledge to mediate and facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution for both parties involved.

You might be going through a complicated divorce with an estranged spouse or a post-divorce dispute. Whatever the case may be, trust Jerald A. Kessler to turn your confrontational encounters into more productive meetings. Reach out to a practiced divorce mediation attorney in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL, today.

Jerry A. Kessler

Maintain Calm and Productive Conversations

Settle Elements Of Your Divorce With The Help Of A Trusted Mediator In Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL

Work with a Professional Mediator via ZOOM or in Libertyville, Northfield, Chicago or all of Illinois

You can get divorced without going through an ugly, costly legal battle. Mediation is a proven process for resolving divorce and post-divorce issues involving parenting, division of property, debts, and support.

I do not charge a retainer. The mediation is pay as you go.

Mediation provides a safe, comfortable setting for the conversations needed for the problem solving involved in divorce and other family disputes (e.g. adult guardianships, will disputes, and family businesses). I help people arrive at fair and durable solutions that serve both parties as well as the children.

I have been a mediator for 33 years, while maintaining a divorce law Practice. Mediation has been the major part of my practice (95%) and for last several years mediation has been 100% of my practice. In addition to extensive training as a mediator and attorney, I regularly attend multi-disciplinary conferences of mental health professionals, judges, financial planners and attorneys. In addition, I stay current with research on the impact of divorce on children and effective mediation
practices. I have also augmented my training with a private tutorial in family systems and couples counseling with University of Chicago clinical faculty, although I am not a counselor.

To learn more about mediation, please contact me at (847) 367-4500 or email me at I offer free phone or Zoom consultations.

You can get personalized dispute resolution services for:

  • Divorce
  • Post-Divorce
  • Never Married
  • Custody disputes and parenting plans
  • Family business disputes
  • Adult Guardianship disputes

Helping You Through Negotiations Step By Step

Resolving disputes – including high conflict situations – does not have to be difficult or intimidating. I will walk you through each step of the mediation process. In a nutshell,, we identify the issues that need to be resolved, gather the information you need to address the issues, and then brainstorm some options for resolving each issue. The options acceptable to both parties form the terms of your agreement. I make sure that the participants are well informed and acting freely.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the process.

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Avoid Litigation And Sensibly Resolve The Dispute Choose Jerry To Mediate Your Issues

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