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Mediation Services in Chicago, Northfield, and Libertyville, IL

Work with a Professional Mediator via ZOOM or in Libertyville, Northfield, Chicago or all of Illinois

It is possible to get divorced without going through a messy and costly legal battle. The key lies in mediation, a proven process for resolving divorce and post-divorce issues involving property division, debts, parenting, and support. 

 My name is Jerald A. Kessler, and I am an experienced lawyer providing mediation services in Libertyville, IL, as well as in Chicago and Northfield. Clients choose me because I create a safe and comfortable environment for them to address disputes regarding divorce, adult guardianships, wills, and family businesses. I help them arrive at fair and reasonable solutions that serve all parties involved.  

Please note that I do not charge a retainer fee since my mediation is pay-as-you-go. 

My Credentials

For 33 years, I have been a mediator running a private legal practice dedicated to divorce law and focusing on mediation work. In addition to having extensive training as a mediator and attorney, I regularly attend multidisciplinary conferences of mental health professionals, judges, financial planners, and attorneys. 

I also stay current with research on effective mediation practices and the impact of divorce on children. Although I am not a counselor, I took the initiative to augment my legal training by learning about family systems and couples counseling. I did this through a private tutorial session with the University of Chicago clinical faculty. 

You can get personalized dispute resolution services for:

  • Divorce
  • Post-Divorce
  • Never Married
  • Custody disputes and parenting plans
  • Family business disputes
  • Adult Guardianship disputes

Let Me Guide You Through the Mediation Process

With my mediation services, resolving high-conflict situations and other disputes does not have to be difficult or intimidating. My mediation process starts by ensuring all participants are well-informed and acting freely. Next, I help identify the issues that need to be addressed. 

After gathering the necessary information, I brainstorm with my clients to develop options for resolving each issue. The options acceptable to the involved parties form the terms of the resulting agreement. 

Get in touch with me today to schedule a free consultation over the phone or through Zoom. Feel free to ask questions about my work or express your concerns about the mediation process.