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Divorce Mediation Lawyer in North Shore, IL 

Reach a peaceful outcome with the guidance of Jerald A. Kessler, a divorce mediation lawyer in North Shore, IL. Filing for a divorce is an overwhelming process and requires emotional and financial effort. Mr. Kessler offers personalized dispute resolution services to help couples through this process with compassion, care, and professionalism.  

Divorce mediation is a cooperative approach for couples considering separation, helping them reach an agreement outside court. Through this process, a neutral mediator, like Mr. Kessler, helps them find a mutually acceptable solution by considering the best outcomes for each individual. His services help ensure everyone’s best interests are met equally during this challenging situation. 

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I offer professional mediation services for:

  • Divorce – property, custody, support
  • Post-divorce issues
  • Adult Guardianship disputes
  • Family Business disputes
  • Will contests

Issues a Mediator Helps With

Every couple’s situation is unique, so Mr. Kessler’s approach is tailored to meet their needs and expectations. He provides a safe and collaborative environment to help bring both parties to an agreeable resolution, resolving different issues such as: 

  • Child Custody 
  • Spousal & Child Support 
  • Property Division 
  • Debts 
  • Wills 
  • Family Business 

Mediation Process

Mr. Kessler’s mediation services involve several sessions with him, a third-party expert, to help couples identify the key issues that must be resolved equally. Parties are encouraged to participate in dialogue and communicate effectively with everyone involved. Sharing information, analyzing problems, and suggesting solutions help reach an equal agreement.