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Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Lake County, IL

Turn to Jerald A. Kessler when you need a highly skilled divorce mediation lawyer in Lake County, IL. I understand that divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, not only for the couple involved but also for their families. Therefore, I focus on providing a harmonious, mutually beneficial resolution to your divorce proceedings. 

Navigating through the legal system can be confusing, which is why I offer my expertise in negotiation, communication, and legal knowledge to provide a smooth, less stressful process for all parties involved. I can assist you in resolving complex matters involved in your divorce case, including custody and asset division.

In addition, I understand your concerns regarding privacy, time, and costs. Rest assured, my divorce mediation services take place in private and confidential settings. Furthermore, my process is considerably faster and less expensive than dragging your case to court.

What I Can Do for You

Reach out to me when you need an experienced mediator specializing in conflict resolution for collaborative divorce cases. I am an in-demand speaker and counselor, helping other mediators with my innate ability to diffuse tense situations. In addition to being a divorce mediation attorney, I am a fellow and one of the founding members of the lawyers’ association Collaborative Divorce Illinois.

I offer professional mediation services for:

  • Divorce – property, custody, support
  • Post-divorce issues
  • Adult Guardianship disputes
  • Family Business disputes
  • Will contests

Schedule a Consultation

I understand that your case is unique, and I will provide personalized solutions to ensure your satisfaction. My divorce mediation services are available in Lake County, IL, including Northfield, Libertyville, and Chicago.

Contact me today, your expert mediator, to schedule a consultation. Let me help you find a peaceful resolution to your challenging times.