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Professional Divorce Lawyer In Libertyville, Northfield Or Chicago, IL

Work On A Collaborative Divorce In Libertyville, Northfield Or Chicago, Il

I am one of the 5 founding members of Collaborative Divorce Illinois, and am a Fellow. I am often called upon to serve as a mediator in collaborative divorce cases.

Taking an adversarial approach is toxic and inefficient. You may end up spending more time and money on divorce law than necessary. Mediation is more cost-effective, quick, and discrete. Jerry is well-known for his conflict-resolution skills. He is widely sought-after as a speaker and counselor to other mediators because of his innate ability to diffuse tense situations. Consult a renowned divorce relations mediator now by calling 847-367-4500.

I offer professional mediation services for:

  • Divorce – property, custody, support
  • Post-divorce issues
  • Adult Guardianship disputes
  • Family Business disputes
  • Will contests

How To Peacefully Achieve Your Divorce

Very few divorces involve legal issues, and fewer than 2% of all cases actually go to trial. In the traditional, adversarial legal system couples often just exhaust one another emotionally and financially until they give up and sign settlements that neither one likes.

Mediation is the civilized alternative. Let me help you navigate the issues involved and bypass the toxic legal system.

Why choose Jerry to be your mediator?

You won’t have to deal with the courts or other aspects of the legal system, giving you the freedom to resolve the situation on your own terms. You’ll have a specialist on your side who attends conferences on mediation and mental health topics with industry professionals. You’ll save time and money, and you can also salvage the relationship in question – whether it’s a business relationship or a personal one.

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