How to Settle Your Situation in a Productive Manner

Dispute resolution in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, Illinois

Mediation is a voluntary process that can address a whole range of conflicts. Many find mediation to be a better choice for resolving their conflicts, as it can yield many benefits for both parties. Hiring a mediator for your situation can help you avoid:

  • Frustrations and complications involved with the legal system
  • Paperwork and fees associated with courtroom processes
  • Damaging the fragile relationship between you and the other party

Mediation is a more calm and reasoned approach compared to the adversarial aspect of the litigation process. But it's important to choose the right mediator to get the best outcome in your situation. Jerald A. Kessler is a professional mediator in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL, providing personalized dispute resolution services for:

  • Family business disputes
  • Adult guardian disputes
  • Will contests
  • Commercial and contract disputes

By working with Jerald A. Kessler, divorce disputes are typically resolved in three to five meetings. Employment disputes usually require only one or two meetings.

Helping you step-by-step through the negotiations

Helping you step-by-step through the negotiations

Trust Jerry to walk you through each part of the process, from initial discussion to final negotiations. If you're in need of a divorce or employment lawyer in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL, consider a professional mediator for help with your situation. Our service can be a viable alternative for you and the other party.