How to Peacefully Achieve Your Divorce

Consider divorce mediation in Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, Illinois

Do you think your divorce will be complex and emotional? Don’t complicate matters further by resorting to litigation. You can divorce amicably without even setting foot inside the courtroom. Jerald A. Kessler provides assistance for couples going through a divorce.

Our experienced mediator also assists with post-divorce disputes, same-sex marriage disputes and conflicts between couples who were never married. This includes assistance with:

  • Child support arrangements
  • Child custody disputes
  • Visitation schedules
  • Debt division
  • Property disputes

Your divorce needn't be an emotionally taxing process. Avoid fanning the fire with litigation, especially when it’s not necessary. Let’s work toward an amicable and productive solution to your divorce through mediation.

Solve your disagreements without litigation

Jerry is one of the four founding members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. The institute allows for a divorcing couple to sign an agreement whereby they will exhaust all efforts to negotiate and settle out of court. If the process is unsuccessful, then they will need to work with a divorce attorney. The goal is to reach an agreement without litigation.

This could potentially save you and your spouse hundreds if not thousands of dollars and many frustrating hours of inconvenience. For more information about divorce mediation, call Jerry’s Libertyville, Northfield, & Chicago, IL office today.